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Staff Corner
New Young Generation of Rainbow Village
2010-11-03 14:12:23 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
Having striving for several years, Rainbow Village gathers a group of wonderful talents. Now, 80s and 90s have become a new generation of Rainbow Villagers, describing today and future of Rainbow Village vividly.
Figures of New Youth Force

Fang Shiping A Big Shining Boy
The big boy with shining small and strong body was born in 1985. He enjoys sports, like playing basket to relax. He impresses people with a sense of gentleness and diligence. You can easily open your mind to him in random chat. After the one-month work shift, he settles in paste sector in printing factory. Though he has to start from grass root now, he is in positive attitude, regarding it a challenge to him, and can adjust himself to adapt to work with high labor intensity.
 You can be easily inspired by his insistence. Colleagues describe him to be simple, steadfast and sincere. Through constant experience, the surefooted boy can truly have a bright future in his own career and life. 
He Jinying, a girl with much energy

You can be easily infected with emotions of Little He, a girl with great energy with whom you may share experiences. Graduated from textile project, she is now working with quality control in garment factory after work shift. When confronted with work shift, she felt it hard to start strange work in a strange field. Talking must be the method for first-hand study. Therefore, she learnt from staff. With the concern of disturbing their work, Little He discussed with them and helped do piecework meantime, as time makes production for piece work. She said she had gained precious knowledge in this period.
Setbacks are inevitable in work. She is frustrated with the comment of college students having grandiose aims but puny abilities. Keep proud and stubborn, she will ensure that she can make it with action. We wish she could step out of confusion and release more energy actively.
Gang Baoxian     A Bao in Change
Compared to the two workers above, a Bao is an experienced employee of dyeing factory. Entering Rainbow Village in 2007, he has stayed here for 3 years now. Young as he is, he gained a lot of experience when endeavor in Ningbo and Guangdong. He feels released here. When asked about future plan, A Bao smiled, Actually during these years in society, I walk step by step, which I think comes first. It is admirable to be surefooted and simple. I believe he can continue his way step by step.

Work now is smooth to him. However, he admitted, he felt pressure and burden. Responsibility makes one mature. A Bao is gradually changing to maturity.
Certain qualities including enthusiasm, simplicity, confidence, and activeness can be found in the young generation of Rainbow Village. Youth full of dream and innovation, though with a sense of childishness, and confusion between goal and current situation, between dream and reality, will find their destination by constant exploration in time. Only by being steadfast, having a positive attitude and proper position can we gradually develop ourselves. Just as Head Huang said, one can not grow up at a stroke. As a responsible enterprise, Rainbow Village provides us a good platform for active learning and self-promoting, by always believing in that we can be better.

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