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Staff Corner
Rainbow Stars in September
2010-11-03 13:04:09 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
Bring Positive Attitude to Work
Jin Jianglong, Excellent worker of printing factory\
Jin Jianglong, a worker of wite section of printing factory, gives us a deep impression that he is in such a positive attitude.
He is outgoing and optimistic towards life. You can notice him taking part in sports, such as playing basketball vigorously. He said that he was so fascinated in basketball that he practiced in the playground almost everyday.
He shows enterprise towards life. In the beginning, he undertook the work of wite checking, which required knowledge of quality. His carefulness and responsibility helps him did a good job. After transforming to wite section for more demanding work, wite making, he actively adapted to the current work in learning and practice by relying on solid foundation accumulated in work with the assistant of positive attitude.

Work can be filled with motivation and enthusiasm with good attitude so that one can be recognized by colleagues and leaders. It is yourself rather than the outside world that hindered individual development. Only by treating your work correctly, devoting to it actively, keeping promotion and growth, bringing good attitude to work can one realize his personal value.
He looks like a sunflower
Zhu Zhimao, excellent worker of knitting factory\
Zhu Zhimao, nicknamed Little Zhu is a handsome electrician in knitting factory always ready to smile.

Young as he is, he has long experience, and is diligent, faithful and responsible. He does a good job in his years in Rainbow Village. Apart from mending electronic appliances in knitting factory, he is also in charge of repair and maintenance of daily overhauling of facilities in factory or the dormitories.
He has comprehensive skills such as mending air conditionings, fans, ad televisions. Being gentle and always ready to work, he never says no even those beyond his work. Once needed, he always tries his best to give a hand. Being active and enthusiastic, he asked two teammates to help together sometimes.

He is always ready to study too. Showing enthusiasm towards study and work, he gained professional skills by reading materials about electrotechnics. When coming across tough problem in mending imported machines, he tackled them with his own efforts, which owes to his absorbing new professional knowledge actively.

Colleagues feel vigor of youth and inner joy, sincerity and dedication towards work from this employee with shining smile, just like a sunflower leading an enthusiastic and happy life, giving off light and heat to those nearby.

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