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Staff Corner
2010 Rainbow Village Position Skills Competition Held Successfully
2010-11-03 10:45:30 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
In order to reflect sprit style of enterprise, enrich leisure life of workers, and improve working skills and technology, Binhai producing base of Rainbow Village held 2010 Position Skills Competition to celebrate the annual National Day.
On the morning of September 28th, knitters skills competition was held in knitting & printing factory, with Bao Qizhi, Miao Xinliang, Chen Liangfeng as the judges, knot tying, threading, and spandex changing as links.
Competition Scene
At the signal of the referee, the first round game of knot tying began. Contestants tied special knot of knitters. Zhang Fangfang, one of our experienced workers tied 15 standard knots in only one minute, thus winning the first at the highest speed.
There are eight left after the first round. The second round can not be easily done. Silk must be strictly connected to cloth without broken yarn and broken spandex. All of them were so nimble that similar time was used. Therefore, ultimate success can only be judged according to quality. Finally, Wang Zheng ended up to be the winner by switching 50 spandexes in 12 minutes with only one broken yarn.
Who Would the Winner Goes to?
The final sprint started. After a series of selection, masters gathered. Especially Zhang Fangfang, winner of first round, got a powerful rival. Tense atmosphere was haunting the scene. As time passed by bit by bit, they tried to defeat rivals with proficient skills to operate fast in front of machines, dazzling eyes of spectators. Enthusiasm of colleagues was lighted to the peak. They cried, shouted, and applauded. The whistle marked the end.
We congratulated Wang Zheng on wining the first place with the total score of 134. TV set went to the winner in the applauses, and prizes were awarded by factory director. They came back with fruitful results.
This is our first time to hold skill competitions in knitting and textile factory. With a good beginning, activities later must be more and more wonderful. Busy with basic work everyday, employees can test their own skill as well as relax. It helped deepen our friendship, and brought more happiness and relaxation to work.

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