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Rainbow Village in the Shortlist of 24thChina Popular Fabrics
2010-11-02 15:12:41 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
In early October, Product one in hundredof Rainbow Village Group was in the short list of the 24th China Popular Fabrics and 2010 Annual China International Fabrics Design Competition.
China Popular Fabrics evaluation, organized and sponsored by National Textile Products Developing Center and China Textile Information Center, is one of the most authoritative and influential professional activities. It is the 19th time for Rainbow Village to be candidate of this competition after taking part in the evaluation for a number of times.
It is said that, products that meet the entry criteria will be crown as Shortlisted Products of China Popular Fabrics, with the enterprise winning Shortlisted Enterprises of China Popular Fabrics. Besides, those winning the title are entitled to be preliminary contest candidates for China International Fabrics Design Competition, and can have access to the final of annually China International Fabrics Design Competition.
Rainbow Village makes great effort in color application of popular fabrics, new craft application and product positioning to develop products with competitive quality and wide future potential, combining popularity, technology, practicability and market, striving to achieve more in fabrics development and win more honors for Zhejiang textile industry.

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