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Staff Corner
First Training in Financial Department Unveiled
2010-11-02 14:39:18 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
Stimulate Teamwork Spirit to Promote Specialization of the Enterprise
On August 31st, communication training on financial knowledge was hosted by Chen Yining, manager of financial department. The training focused on financial statements, accounts receivable management, cost and tax, and combined with practice by taking examples that were closely related to our work, which turns out to be extremely effective. Department managers and statisticians all took part in the training actively and they agreed to have harvest quiet a lot and gained more related knowledge.
This financial knowledge training for non-financial staff aims to realize professionalization of workers and improve their quality and skill. Finance today is a big concept which is related to the whole company. If non-financial managers have knowledge of modern financial management skills, they can better its internal control and intensify management and administrative decision by financial methods so as to increase company value and better communicate with financial workers from their perspectives, thus reduce friction among departments and strengthen teamwork spirit.
As an important beginning to promote company trainer system, this training lighted workersenthusiasm to march towards professionalization. 2010 is a year of training for Rainbow Village. Promotion is the key word. With the idea of developing abundant training activities in all forms, the Office of General Manager sponsor, and HR department organize a series of activities, planning to construct a platform for communication, thus cultivating a group of enterprise trainer team.
Qualification can be recognized if he meets the following conditions. First is willing to share knowledge and experience. Second is having strong language organization and expression, namely improving our ability to express. Third, teaching content or effect must be recognized by the evaluation team. Trainers can get Internal Training Certificate and other souvenirs. It is said that a succession of training activities will be held in printing factory, dyeing factory and functional departments.

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