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Automatic Supervision of Central Computer System in Dyeing Sector
2010-11-02 13:52:03 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
At the beginning of September, the central computer system accomplished network arrangement and realized automatic supervision in production. One of the major functions of the central government is simultaneous monitoring, having an eye on the whole procedure from putting the cloth to the dye vat to taking it out, which could reduce damage cost by human mistake. Besides, it could help analyze statistics form after production so that it is be able for us to avoid irregular action in workflow.
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Take energy conservation and emission reduction into effect, install water meters for independent measure
In the middle of September, according to the company request, equipment division installed water meters in dyeing and printing branch factories separately, and measured respectively in dyeing, printing and setting machines. In response to energy and water conservation, each department took active action to exam every water pump, and applied to reconstruction where recycle water should be used. Now, the two branch factories have curbed water consumption by measuring to the water meters. Dramatic decrease has been seen compared to previous water consumption.
Independently develop filtration dyes, and regulate chemicals ware house
In the middle of September, proposed by the company and untaken by dyeing sector, the dyes house has been accomplished after preliminary planning. This project means that dyes used in dyeing and printing factory will be independently produced by our company. In the preliminary work, we began with the self-production of five most widely used dyes, which enable us to reduce cost and eliminate intermediate link. Dyes are now in trial in limited quantity and the effect and costs turn out to be satisfying compared to that previously.
Besides, dyes warehouse regulation has almost been done, led by supply section and is in good order. The warehouse has been regulated well.

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