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Staff Corner
Read to Waken Brand Awareness and Nourish Soul
2010-11-02 12:54:38 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
In July, more than 80 employees in Binhai Base, especially those in grass root and medium and senior managers was given a book called War Between Quality and Quantity by Chairman Ma Jianxing .Focusing on quality and quantity, it inspires and enlightens readers. Rainbow Village staff spare their leisure time reading it, and writing down experience and inspiration according to their positions and practice. Here are some excerpts.

Reading through War, I was strongly shocked. I had to admit that in the past, we neglected or failed to make the utmost of financial management function which should not only be reflected in managing capital or a series of relationship, but also in managing knowledge capital including the related service, knowledge, innovation, wisdom, technology, creativity and management system. We should not only pay attention to managing its original application, but also focus and intensify internal and outside promotion and communication, thus cultivating excellent financial management culture with uniqueness which can be absorbed and recommended.
 Chen Yining from Financial Department 

Managers and employees should hold the common purpose to put the things right at the beginning. As a grass-root manager, keeping the quality idea mentioned in the book in mind, I justify the relation of quality and quantity; apply them to daily work, by cooperating with the team of paste workshop, setting the idea of Quality First, and controlling colors and quality in order to increase production capacity to advance our product quality to a new level.
Zhou Chongde from Printing Factory

As a division principal, I must lead my team to accomplish department function with every effort. The following problems must be worked out:
1.        Instruct workers and help them improve comprehensively no matter when and where.
2.        Practice is better than percept.
3.        Lead by Example
4.        Pencil management. Revise to make it perfect anytime
5.        Manage the thing at the first time.
6.        Strictly implement working standards, and cultivate professional working habits to improve shitsuke.
War Between Quality and Quantity is worth reading a life time.
 Zhang Ce from HR Department

Ideological and quality awareness education can help improve workersthought awareness so that they can pay attention to products self-checking and protection in manufacturing process. Confronted with problems, what we should do is not affixing the responsibility but analyzing the root to eradicate the problem. In this way, we improve the working efficiency as well as reducing enterprise costs, to realize the co-ordination of quality and quantity for the fast growth of the enterprise.
Quality equals responsibility. Responsibility is extremely important to enterprises you work in or your family, for responsibility makes perfect. There is little distinction in ability, but their attitudes towards work might be quite different. In dealing with quality problem, a worker with responsibility always traces back to the sources with every effort to solve the problem, while a person without usually tries every means to make an excuse rather than finding a way out. Provided everyone has strong responsibility to manage his own work, quality can be improved. Of course, idea injection and guidance is inevitable.
 Wang Yunfei from Printing Factory
Quality has been mentioned several times in the book. Chairman Ma often warns us that, outstanding quality and taste is needed to survive. I was confused with the two words in the past, but now I understand that quality determines value. Taste is the value that customers care most, while quality is the most urgent expense. Combining both can light unexpected sparkle and self promotion help our company gain more benefits in competition.
 Zhang Shasha from Printing Factory

Take our garment factory as an example, if everything is ready but only one link goes wrong, a batch of goods had to be stopped and repaired, which increase our production cost. A single man’s mistake causes all people to wait. That is just like the famous saying that a speck of mouse dung will spoil a whole pot of porridge. It requires us to unit in our work so that we can half things done more efficiently.
Garment Factory Liu Pinghua

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