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Staff Corner
A Thank You Letter to the Company
2010-11-01 16:34:31 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
October 1st, 2010
As an ordinary pultrusion worker of pasting workshop in printing factory, I was badly off. My wife had suffered from sever disease for several years. This year she can only stay in bed. Money was in desperate need to pay for the hospitalization. At the worrying moment, Rainbow Village helped me out of the situation. With the help of leaders and colleagues, our family overcame the difficulty.
Thank the company for giving me a hand at the very urgent moment. After knowing the situation of my family and wife, the company offered me the preferential rights so that I can spare some time to take care of my wife. Besides, they gave me a subsidiary of RMB 10,000 as economic aid. It is the Rainbow Village that assisted and supported me at the crucial moment.
They never stopped caring for me when I was busy looking after my wife. Care from colleagues, department leaders and company leaders moved me so deeply.
When I asked for a leave to take my wife to the hospital, the company even arranged a car to drive me there. Because of the serious sickness and lower limb osteonecrosis of my wife, she could not move. The driver, therefore, moved the car back to the door, and then sent her to Shaoxing Peoples hospital successful. Colleagues and leaders occasionally asked me whether I need some help when my wife gradually recovered. I felt deep emotion and warmth from trivial care.
I am not capable enough to do something great, but I am faithful and I love working. I set up my mind to go along with Rainbow Village. Whenever it needs me, I am willing to be a brick, or a screw to make a contribution to growth of Rainbow Village. I want to express my gratitude to leaders at every level again. On behalf of my family, I wish to deliver my hearty welcome and noble respect to company leaders and colleagues as well.
 Yours faithfully,
Du Hezuo

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