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Printing & Dyeing, Knitting & Textile Passed ISO9001Certification
2010-11-01 15:17:38 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0

On October 21st, Zhejiang Rainbow Village Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd and Shaoxing Rainbow Village Knitting & Textile Co., Ltd passed the ISO9001 and 4001certification. This is an exchange certificate work, as the fourth year to exam performances in quality and environment management system.

The certification experts make a three-day examination by fore-meeting, examining meeting and summary meeting, evaluate according to statistics, interview with workers and managers in factory to the quality and environment system. It also provides a chance for the company itself to raise and solve problems. Certification experts, as the third party, are more accessible to problems from object and professional position and come up with more precious improvement ideas.

Head Mr. Huang mentioned in this certification that high-end and standardized management system is can guarantee the normal operation of enterprises. Good management system brings benefits to enterprises. We have not only implemented ISO 9001 and 14001 management system, but also brought in safety standardization system to practical operation, thus bringing benefits and increasing competitiveness of enterprises.

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