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China K&B Market Relies on Yangtze Delta Region to Contribute to Development
2010-11-01 14:08:57 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
On behalf of China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market, General Manager Assistant of China K&B Market introduced the current situation, future positioning and development direction at annual meeting of China Building and Adornment Association Kitchen and Bathroom Project Committee and the third awarding ceremony of Chinese kitchen and bathroom Top100 enterprises.
Leaders, distinguished guests,
Today we gather here in Keqioao, the historical famous city, to discuss the future development of China kitchen and bathroom industry. As China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market, we are honored to take this chance to share and communicate our own ideas and actions with you.
My report can be divided into three parts. The first part is to introduce background of China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market. The second part is about our ideas of China K&B Market. The third part is some ongoing missions.
In recent years, fast development of real estate market has pushed forward the vigorous growth of kitchen and bathroom industry. The upcoming real estate boutique room era brings challenge to the kitchen and bathroom industry, with kitchen and bathroom products becoming consumers goods that families go after. Huge demand and abundant varieties provides vast developing space for us.
Second, the current situation of this industry is enormous enterprises with small scale and low centralized industry, eager to have a platform to promote their internal images and stimulate economic growth. Domestic kitchen and bathroom producers, especially those in Yangtze Delta Region, have strong production capacity but achieve no fame in domestic market for they are mainly engaged in foreign trade. Therefore, to develop national brands is becoming the must for industrial development. Under this circumstance, industrial structure needs to be adjusted immediately.
Third, despite the rapid industrial development, kitchen and bathroom marketing still relies on integrated markets, such as building materials, home furnishing and ceramics market. With the developing trend of market segment and demand of kitchen and bathroom products, to possess a channel platform of our own is becoming the inevitable trend in the process of channel development for kitchen and bathroom products. Yangtze Delta Region boosts the soil to develop international specialized market. Successful examples can be found in China Light Textile City, China Yiwu small Commodity City, and China Science and Technology Hardware City.
In this context, we believe the upcoming of China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market, Chinas first kitchen and bathroom specialized market stands for future. Weve got three advantages. First, we are strongly supported by Yangtze Delta industrial cluster. The second is regional transportation and logistics advantage. The third is mature and various experience of establishing markets in Zhejiang. Yangtze Delta Region, Chinas largest kitchen and bathroom industrial cluster where lies Hangzhou sanitary ware producing base, Shengzhou, capital of kitchen utensils, Jiangkou, Fenghua, China sanitary accessories producing base, and Wangdian, Jiaxing, China integral ceiling industrial base ect. East China takes up a large proportion in the whole Yangtze Delta region. In 2008, 21 enterprises were crown TOP100 enterprises. This is the industrial distribution condition in Yangtze Delta Region, especially in Zhejiang.
Relying on the support of various industries in Yangtze Delta Region, China K&B Market becomes a channel to communicate with foreign businessmen. Located in the core area of Yangtze Delta Region, China K&B Market is close to Xiaoshan International Airport of Hanzhou, Pudong International Airport of Shanghai, with Shanghai Harbor, Ningbo Harbor, and Grand Canal passing by. Besides, Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway and Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway is ongoing so that Keqiao can enjoy high-speed transportation network. China K&B Market can also enjoy convenient logistics system of Keqiao Light Textile City whose annual throughput reaches as much as RMB 70.8 billion. This global mature logistics system helps promote products of business tenants in China K&B Market heading for the international world.
Since reform, Zhejiang specialized markets has seen rapid development, winning three NO.1 in market turnover, amount of markets that exceeds RMB 100 million, turnover for a single item 16 years in a role, so that it is crowned big market province. Yiwu Small Commodity City, China Science and Technology Hardware City has marched out of the country, becoming large specialized markets that have international economic influences.
Standing on the shoulders of giants, China K&B Market begins to operate by this mode. Sitting the positioning of creating a global kitchen and bathroom products purchasing base, and relying on the strong industrial support of Yangtze Delta Region, Zhujiang Delta Region, Bohai-Rim Economic Zone, we integrates industrial resources, guiding China kitchen and bathroom industry to the big cycle of world economy, thus changing the international market pattern. It focuses to be a specialized market of kitchen and bathroom industry with the scale of only 200,000 square meters. Covering 72,000 square meters of land and 200,000 construction area, China K&B market is composed of a starting area, a 1st, 2nd, 3rd exhibition center and a 23-floor five star hotel. There will be nearly 1000 excellent stores after its completion.
Hand in hand with experts from industrial associations, China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market dedicates to promoting brand upgrade and construction by setting up development and research design center, quality certification, technology instruction and production emergency centers. We invite domestic and foreign experts to develop and research, providing new technology and craft in developing and research center. In quality operation center, we integrate resources of manufactures, and provide industrial service. Technology instructing center offers solutions to producers while production emergency center work out difficulty in producing process through helplines and experts.
The third one is global promotion. We promote new growth through three strategies, five marketing channels, and nine service platform to integrate all-around resources. We consider that China K&B Market has four prospective values, contributing to industrial growth. The first is forward looking future positioning. The second is marketing planning as a future leader. The third one is world-class future brand planning. And the fourth is global promotion in the future.
China K&B Market is going to be established as a new diverse service platform through business trade, quality certification and information communication. In order to put our positioning and planning into effect, China K&B Market is taking action now. It was started in December 2008 and its global promotion went on from January to February 2009.
China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market website started in October 2009. It was crowned as a global kitchen and bathroom product purchasing base in November 2009 by China Building and Adornment Association together with China Building and Sanitary Ware Ceramics Association. China K&B Market opened in December 2009. Our first-term planning is dealing with competitive goods and famous brands kitchen and bathroom products at the first floor, sanitary ware in the second, kitchen ware in the third and adornment materials at the fourth one.
China K&B Market helps promote China kitchen and bathroom brands to head towards world. In 1982, Zhejiang Yiwu Small Commodity City was born. In 1988, China Light Textile City in Keqiao, Zhejiang opened. In 1994, China Leather City set up in Haining, Zhejiang. While in 2009, China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market took its first step.
Welcome to join China K&B Market. Thank you!

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