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Famous Brands Wirgely, Faenza Settle Business in Foshan Promotion Conference
2010-11-01 11:27:39 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
On October 20th, when China Ceramics Industrial Association and Ceramics Information held China Sanitary Ware Awarding Ceremony, China K&B Market held a promotion conference in Foshan, following that in Nanan, Zhongshan, and Kaiping. At the conference, famous brands including Wirgely and Faenza signed an agreement to settle business in China K&B Market.
Signature meeting
Reporters knew from the scene that experts as well as kitchen and bathroom producers evaluated China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market positively. Mr. Huang who has been engaged in sanitary ware industry for nearly two decades declared that, China K&B Market is a full-function collection integrating specialized markets, meeting and exhibition, upstream and down stream of industrial chain. I consider its largest value lies not just in a specialized market with forward-seeing positioning, but also in its guidance to kitchen and bathroom industry. From the perspective of manufacturers, public purchasers, international purchasers as well as industrial research, it is a model combining theoretical research and entity, and stands for the most advanced stock operation ideas. It is feasible to choose both business mode or operational mode design, having a broad prospective.
Mr. Huo, signature representative said, Having in this line for so many years, I have settled in numerous markets, but China K&B gives me a fresh impression. First, it is distinctly positioning in kitchen and bathroom ware, walking on a specialized path, following the trend of individual development in research. Traditional access and customer service can not meet up the demand of future development. China K&B Market, as the heralds, considers a lot in those aspects. Second, Yangtze Delta Region is an important window both in industrial and economic position. That is why we settle business here.
With the construction area of 200,000 square meters, China K&B market is titled as the City One of China Kitchen and Bathroom Industry. As the first specialized kitchen and bathroom purchasing market, it is mainly positioning in public purchase, international purchase, channel construction, industrial chain transaction and information platform.
Present at the signature meeting, Ma Jianxing, chairman of China K&B Market declared in the interview,“China is developing fast in the latest three decades, coordinating with the increasingly growth of China specialized markets. The project scale and specialization degree have improved a lot recently. However, with the expansion of market, some traditional extensive business pattern can hardly meet the demand of market development. Apart from business mode, service for individual should also be reflected in prospective specialized market. Therefore, China K&B Market specially designed 12429 operational system targeted with project management. The system will be used to tackle problems in project development, and make the market prosperous as soon as possible, creating outstanding market conditions and a high-quality marketing platform for settled enterprises. ”

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