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China KNB
Hot Investment Attraction to Establish a One-station Global K&B Purchasing Base
2010-11-01 10:35:15 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0
 On August 25th, China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market launched Nan
an investment fair in Yongchang Grand Hotel, Luncang, Nanan where Chairman Ma Jianxign gathered with entrepreneurs from Nanan water heating sanitary ware producing area to draw a future blueprint.  
China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market is one of the elaborate projects of Zhejiang Yuecheng Property Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Rainbow Village Group. It will be turned to a global first-class kitchen and bathroom wholesale market with the largest scale, full functions, perfect fittings, and most professional products in China.

Outdoor Advertising Standing of China K&B Market in Nanan Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Producing Area

Keqiao, home to China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market, is situated in the core region of Yangtze Delta area, with outstanding geographical advantages. It is to the south of Shanghai, to the east of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang, to the west of Ningbo, the Oriental Harbor, and is only 20 minutesdrive to Xiaoshan International Airport of Hangzhou. Having developed over a decade, Keqiao economic development zone, as the producing base of Shaoxing textile industry, has won great fame in textile industry, thus laying a solid foundation to China K&B Market.

China Kitchen & Bathroom Direct Manufacturing Base
Covering a construction area of 200,000 square meters, having a planned starting area (open up in December 2009), 1st and 2nd term exhibition center, commercial office buildings, four star hotels, conference centers, apartments and other great fittings, China K&B Market is the first kitchen & bathroom wholesale market as well as the first direct manufacturing base, which aims to establish a one-station global kitchen and bathroom products purchasing base.
China K & B Market mainly specializes in a series of upstream and downstream products of integral kitchens, sanitary ware, including kitchen and bathroom competitive products, integral cabinets, cabinets and hardware, cabinet electronic appliances, cabinet accessories, integral bathrooms, bathroom cabinets, shower candies, spools, water faucets, water closets, shower houses, bathtubs etc.
Public Purchasing Base for Real Estate and Adornment Industry
The fast urbanization will result in large demand of houses, causing real estate industry to increase stably in the next 15 to 20years. As the related industry of real estate, kitchen and bathroom industry will have a broad prospective market. According to statistics, the annual residence construction area of China reaches as much as 500 million square meters with annual kitchen and bathroom ware consuming amount exceeding RMB 200 billion while global consumption reaches as much as RMB 5,100 billion.
As is introduced Zhang Yanmin, who is in charge of China K&B investment attraction, China has been recognized as a kitchen and bathroom consuming country with larger consuming demand and higher grade. Pushed by the concerned departments, governments in all levels, the improvement of brand awareness of developers, maturity of boutique room chains, and the change of consumer ideas, boutique rooms is gradually leading the trend in low-carbon real estate era, heading towards comprehensive boutique era when boutique rooms are playing the major role in real estate market and group purchasing of real estate and adornment industry will become the major force of kitchen and bathroom ware purchasing. \

Zhang Yanmin in Charge of Investment Attraction Is Making a Specific Introduction of China K&B Market
With this opportunity, China K&B Market was established as a kitchen and bathroom products purchasing base by uniting all brand developer and adornment enterprises.
Kitchen and Bathroom Enterprises Channel Construction Center
Possessing a factory is necessary, but it is better to expand a market. Owning a brand is essential, but it is more useful to create a famous brand. The significance of channel construction is self-evident for a kitchen and bathroom enterprise. Especially for growing medium and small sized enterprises, it is a crucial tool to broaden the market and establish brands. As a wholesale headquarter of kitchen and bathroom enterprise functioning mainly in public purchase, international purchase, and channel construction, transaction of kitchen and bathroom industrial chain, and information platform, it dedicated to establishing a direct manufacturing based faced to second and third level market, a one-station channel construction center to establish a cell site faced to global brands.
Transaction Information Platform for Kitchen and Bathroom Industrial Chain
Information is wealth. China K&B Market, as the first direct manufacturing base, gathers a group of elite enterprises of kitchen and bathroom circle who actually play a leading role in the industry. Only in such forefront industrial battle field can they master the latest information including this circle, transaction, products and industrial trends.
An industrial information center was also set up to gather and collect transaction information of upstream and downstream at home and abroad, action of associated industries, big domestic and foreign industrial event and industrial trends in order to share with each enterprise in China K&B Market.

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