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Successful Promotion Conference in Kaiping Attracts Golden Sanitary Brands
2010-10-29 17:21:48 Author:gzrgyy Copyfrom: Hits:0


Golden Sanitary Ware Brands Signed to Cooperate with China K&B Market

Just after the promotion conference held in Nanan on August 25th, and July 8th in Zhongshan, China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market grandly launched another project promotion conference in Peninsula Hotel of Kaiping, China Plumbing Town on September 10th. Ma Fangmei, subprefect of Shaoxing County Standing Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Ms Zhou Jing, chief manager of China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market expressed her gratitude.

At this promotion conference, famous and golden sanitary ware brands signed to cooperate with China K&B Market, with several more signing later. Mr. Zeng, a signatory representative said, We find China K&B Market fresh and new in hardware planning, commercial positioning and its unique 12429 systematic operation mode. It grasped the trend of domestic and foreign market. Such a professional marketing platform can hardly been seen at homeland, which is a good chance to us. So I have confidence in it.






Ms Zhou Jing, chief manager of China K&B Market announced,Fighting Enemies Separately in different producing areas cannot meet the demands of industrial development. Only by completing each others advantages can we make progress. Treating itself as an integration force and promoter of the industry, it provides specialized marketing platform for settled enterprises. Project investment attraction is a good beginning, but just a beginning, because we still have a long way to go. Promotion conferences and investment fairs targeted with producing areas will be expanded to major kitchen and bathroom producing areas all over the country. China K&B Market has grasped this upgrade chance successfully and hopes entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to enlarge and strengthen their business.

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