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Success Promotion Conference of China K&B market in Zhongshan
2010-09-13 16:29:13 Author:yusx Copyfrom: Hits:0

 Having held the first stage project promotion conference in Fujian and Xian on August. 25th, China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market hosted another promotion conference in Xiaolan Crown Holiday Inn in Zhongshan on the afternoon of September.8th. Representatives present at this conference are Mr. Zheng Jianchu, president of Zhongshan shower room association, Mr. Feng Hanzhong, vice president and secretary of Guangdong gas utensils association, Mr.Li Zefeng, president of National Confederation of trade unions zhongshan branch, and several kitchen and bath ware manufactures in Zhongshan.



   Signing Scene

Zhongshan City is one of Chinese three largest shower house cluster zones, while Fusha becomes the only town that wins the title of China shower house producing base.  The number of bath house manufactures of a certain scale in the city has exceeded 130, taking up one-third of the domestic market and 70 percent of domestic market shares. Having reached billions of output value, Zhongshan bath house industry is now the backbone force of that of China. 

It is learned that China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market is based in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, which is located 50 meters from the Keqiao exit of Hangzhou-Ninbo highway, with a covering area of 72,000 square meters and building area of 200,000 square meters. The geography condition is superior, regional advantage obvious and transportation convenient. China kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market is mainly targeted at public  purchase, international purchase, channel construction and kitchen and bath industry train transaction and information platform, with its planning projects including kitchen- and-bathware malls, commercial office buildings, star hotels, SOHO apartments etc. The main products include integral kitchen, sanitary wares and the series of industry products.


                                                                      Scene at promotion conference

It is understood that China Kitchen and Bathroom Market aims at uniting the Chinese force of the kitchenware and bathware, thus getting through the public purchase towards domestic market, and professional purchase which is geared to the international markets, and establish channel construction platforms for the developing small and medium-sized enterprises. The systematic operation system help specific promotion, mainly including the global promotion, promotion among the industry, among the producing areas and among local purchasing groups. ect. Meanwhile, we will be dedicated to to set up an e-commerce platform . Designing the gateway website of China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliance Markets as well as cooperating with professional websites help popularize the products through entity shop and online market synchronously.

At the promotion conference, Mr. Zheng Jianchu, the president of Zhongshan Bath House Association, and Mr.Feng Hanzhong, vice-president and chief secretary of Gas Utensils Association of  Guangdong Province delivered speeches as distinguished guests.  They both  agreed that China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market, the first domestic specilized wholesale market for kitchen and bath ware, conforms to the development trend of this industry, revealing prospective strategic insight and exact core orientation. Besides, systematic operation mode, an excellent opportunity for Zhongshan kitchen and bath industry, can benefit Guangdong kitchen and bath enterprises to broaden their domestic and international markets further and gain better developing space.

On the same day of promotion conference, China Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances Market held the signature ceremony, and several enterprises in Zhongshan signed the agreement while many others expressed their intention to establish their trade. Reporters known from the scene that all the kitchenware and bathroom ware producers positively evaluate China K&B Market. Li Zhankai, general manager of Zhongshan Jie Bai Shi Sanitary Ware Corp. Ltd. said that , as the first national kitchen-and-bathroom ware specialized wholesale market, China K&B Market has prospective insight into the market, conforms to the development trend of this industry, shows to us clearly the future development direction of enterprises, and enables kitchen and bath ware brands to update, all of which are of great significance to the development of the while China kitchen and bath industry. As a purchaser puts it, China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market has a clear insight into the market space, establishes the exact market positioning of public and international purchase, gathers the series of products including both kitchen and bath ware industry and set up a one-station purchasing base, thus largely improve the purchasing effiency of purchasers, lowering purchasing costs, and various troubles of transporting among producing areas.

Leaders from China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market declared that China K&B Market is dedicated to establishing a direct base for manufactures of China kitchen and bath ware which is mainly aimed at China’s famous brand kitchen and bath ware producing enterprises. Such specific promotion conference will be held continuously in China’s major producing areas for kitchen and bath ware.


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