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Practice of Setting an Example Started From Human Resources Department,
2010-07-19 15:15:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:新闻中心 Hits:0


Orderly Working Conditions

Since 2010, two branches of Rainbow Village Group in Binhai producing base worked to the goal of human-oriented management and standardized system. This year, a series of measures were taken to achieve the idea, one of which wasexperiment in human resource department to set an example.

In May, personnel administration was reshuffled and divided into administrative department and human resources department according to their clear functions. In June, human resources department clarified and reformed its internal functions, integrating staff. Special person were assigned for employment, training, social insurance and welfare. Besides, trainings were carried out for employees to operate more professionally and normally.



New employees enrollment

In July, the general manager office started the work of setting example department by experimenting in human resources department. Setting example department means promoting standardized management by example, thus creating comfortable management environment. It will improve integral management efficiency and set image for company by promoting management standardization in human resources department as well as that inside each department and that between departments.

Human resources department think that improving service awareness of all staff is crucial because this department is an employment window to the outsiders and a service window to insiders. Now slight changes can be seen that indicating the improvement of service awareness. For instance, procedures of enrollment are posted on the service desk so that new employees can be clear at glance. Besides, there is Personnel Interview Record form for employees to make instant records of problems raised by employees.


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