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Research and Development Center Information Exchange Meeting Held Successfully
2010-06-21 14:01:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:新闻中心 Hits:0



Meeting Theme: Innovation and Breakthrough Exploration and Development

On June 21st, products research and development center held an information exchange meeting, which was hosted by Wang Lingang, manager of the center, and participated by chief manager Huang Xinggen, and workers of salesroom, sales department, procumet department, and technology section. Further questions were discussed at the meeting about products research and development, and market information demands.
They reached a consensus about product research and development, coming up with much instant and precious information at the meeting. After meeting, the research center collected consensus and ideas reached in this exchange meeting, making specific conclusion and explanation about innovative consciousness, market information and research and development directions.

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Salesroom is the first hand department accessible to customer information. More order is unchangeable to fabrics processing and manufacturing enterprises. Workers of salesroom also said that, confronted with fierce market competition, if they want to have a position in the market, keep their original customers or enlarge their customer group, they must expand their train of thought. Not only should they meet customers’ need , but also they should actively understand “customer”, to see what the terminal market was going to change. For instance, the idea that flower types fit for domestic sales was widespread among customers reminded that we must treat problems from the customers’ point of view.
With the increasingly fast growth of textile purchasing market fashion change, not only fabrics manufacturing enterprises are required to intensify quick-reaction capability, such as finding out changes and ensuring delivery time, but also it is urgent for them to keep innovation and actively participate in “fashion making”. The business department said company should have a plan, and continuously keep products innovation. It must take new products net profit into full consideration under the premise of lowering costs and meeting producing demand, making operable products, choosing materials that are universal and popular, which also requires technology department to improve the correctness of raw materials purchasing.
As the companys‘ new technology research and development force, the company has wide space and developing space. fabrics which are now applying for China popular fabrics reached as much as eleven, and they are preparing for applying new provincial products. In integrating existing resources, sample products are previous wealth, which are now selected by research and development department and will be showed in information exchange and product presentation meeting at the beginning of August.
Product research and development is the important technology backbone, as well as the necessity of market demand. It is of great responsibility to do research and development adapted to the development of the enterprise. By constant tries and efforts to seek more opportunities and breakthrough, this force is believe to be increasingly powerful, thus contributing to company development in the near future.

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