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Printing and Dyeing Enterprises Safety Standardized Production Meeting Held Here
2010-05-25 13:13:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:新闻中心 Hits:0
Meeting Scene 
On May 25th, the county’s printing and dyeing enterprises safety standardized production training and on-the-spot meeting was held in our company, with major principals in charge of safety of enterprises determining to construct safety standardized production, and management committee staff of the town government development zone present at the meeting.

Targeted with working points, the meeting instructed printing and dyeing enterprises to construct safety standardized production. Rainbow Village Printing &Dyeing Co.,Ltd, which successfully established a provincial safety standardized production enterprise in 2008 and 2009, set an example in the county’s printing and dyeing industry for strictly meeting the standards in company’s management production. At the meeting, the county Supervision Bureau awarded a certificate to Rainbow Village Printing &Dyeing Co.,Ltd, and made a positive evaluation to its work and effort in safety production construction.  They also paid a visit to Rainbow Village Printing &Dyeing Co.,Ltd, and were impressed deeply by perfect safety facilities, and workshop management.

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