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Printing and Dyeing Re-evaluation of National Textiles Development Base
2010-05-17 12:34:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:新闻中心 Hits:0





On May 17th, National Textiles Development Center organized an assessment team to evaluate Rainbow Village printing and dyeing. After consideration, China Textile Industry Association agreed our company to be “National Fashion Garment Fabrics Development Base”continuously.
Assessed by National Textiles Development Center in 2006 and awarded “National Fashion Garment Fabrics Development Base”,it was re-evaluated in 2008 after the second application to be continued. The assessment team, led by Xie Fangming, product business division director of national textiles development center, made strict inspections about company factories, manufacturing shops, and sample showrooms. After comprehensive investigation, they reached a consensus that the company has complete industrial chain, clear and distinct developing plan, and was capable of technology innovation and brand construction, attached much importance to products quality and had a strong sense of social responsibility. Apart from affirming its achievements, it also put forward previous ideas about further development and expansion. They suggested the company to actively work with applying of national technology center and related technology awards to accumulate intangible assets, on the basis of new materials development and application of new technology and crafts.  

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