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Staff Corner
Happy Review of May Day Trip
2010-05-12 11:01:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom: Hits:0



After the busy April, the May Day was coming. Old and new backpacking traveler in China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market were busy discussing how to spend the May holiday. Group traveling was finally decided.
Have Dinner in Meijiawu Tea Village
Backpacking travelers in China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market set out in May Day, a bright and beautiful day in spring. Cars were traveling at the speed of 140 yard with a sense of Spanish amorous feeling. When cars arrived at mountain passes in Meijiawu, fresh air and sleepy tea trees in fine spring let us feel like walking in a painting with poem, understanding the atmosphere of a famous poem,“Warm wind drunk trip, treating Hangzhou as Bianzhou. Meijiawu is a famous colletion of Nongjiale (Happiness of farmers) in Hangzhou with restaurants along both sides of the streets. Bosses were hospitable enough to present Longjing Tea, peanuts and melon seeds before we sat down. Although dishes here were ordinary in types, tastes as well as prices, we enjoy more of the casualness and comfortableness of rurality than dishes and tea.
Take a leisure trip to Jiu Xi( Nine Creeks)
·                                 After having dinner in Meijiawu Tea Village, we set off to another destination, Nine Creek. It calls for patience to travel in the Nine Creek, while giving a hurried and cursory glance at it can not understand its beauty. The famous Longjing Tea Garden stands in front of the hill which was tranquil for it was not the season to pick up tea leaves. The deeper you go through, the more curve the mountain road was. If you feel a sense of vapidness going through paths, you can roll up the bottom of your trousers to step into water. “Jiu Xi Yan Shu”(also called Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies) is like a beautiful scenery painting in the mist. Walking along an exquisite arched bridge and step by step to the hill, you can cross the waterfall to a towering kiosk, feeling relaxed and happy inside. Its a pleasure to heart and eyes. Without thrilling and exciting scenery, Nine Creeks have a sense of precious fun of nature. Isnt that true spirit of life to be general?
BiteWufeng Cow Head
Determining to finish the Wufeng cow head, we ran directly to Wufeng Humble Cottage to meet colleagues on duty today. Cold dishes were presented on the table. After sitting for a while, masterwork Niu Qi Chong Tian , a cow head was ready with fresh and tender cow head meat, and fragrant seasoner. All of us rolled up our sleeves to eat faster. In such a grand situation, we were full. After dinner, 14 people formed a circle to play poke in 8 groups. The real meaning lies not in poke but liveliness. We were so addicted to it that we were than driven home by the boss like ducks.
Real Person CS Field Operations in Lanting Forest Park
Lanting was charming in this season with scenery everywhere. Unique forest resources brought tranquility and relaxation to us from tumult. The hot broadcast of Solider Assault highlights real man CS games. Battle began. We searched enemies and shot at the same time. In fact, I feel like stealing sweet potatoes when occasionally drop down. After a burst of shot, they began to charge. We seemed to only pay attention to people with enemiesclothes. As a war correspondent, I can not help bursting out my passion, rush to the enemy to shoot a close-up of the brave behavior of my comrades
Real man CS games not only bring excitement, but also calls for teamwork spirit. You must completely believe in your comrades in the game or even sacrifice yourself to protect others if necessary. On by discussing strategies, tactics and geographical location together can we win.
Its great fun to recall the May Day trip. We perspired and experienced the comfortableness of nature and excitement of field operations. Come back from trip to China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market. We wish China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market can launch its investment attracting work of first stage project successfully. Are you ready, my colleagues?

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