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Staff Corner
Feel Spring Atmosphere, Enjoy Glory Labor Work
2010-03-16 10:41:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom: Hits:0



On March 16th, the sun revealed its laughing face after rain. The factory was full of a sense of spring. Walking on Rainbow Avenue, we enjoy shining sunlight.

Flowers were induced to blossom by spring, while grass grew after spring rain. Led by Office of General Manager and organized by the administration department, administrative workers worked as a team to weed. I am honored to take photos and interview.


After lunch, administrative workers took initiative to weed. Busy with work usually, we do not often take outdoor activities. Therefore, we found it precious to have this chance to do labor work, laughing and talking. With photos in hand, I shot a number of funny scenes, such as the most specialized, the most diligent, the most stupid weeper worker and those who slack off.

For a while, grass in front of the administrative building has been cleaned up. With weeds in hand, we showed to each other that who weeds most and best like a group of happy children. At that moment, I felt how great spring is for us to express our childlike innocence. We all agree that these kinds of group work should be organized in the future for us to enjoy spring atmosphere as well as fresh air at leisure time.


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