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Strengthen Human Care, Forge Enterprise Culture
2010-03-16 16:51:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:新闻中心 Hits:0

News in Brief:

On March 15th, in order to intensify attendance management, the company cancelled the system of punching card in workshop. All staff clock in and off in No.3 sentry (dormitory sentry) and No.2 sentry (Middle gate sentry). Such unitary attendance management is gradually improved and standardized, trying to create an excellent environment in order.





As it became warm, it was suitable for workers to wear uniforms to express enterprise image. On April 8th, the company made a rule of wearing uniforms. The administrative office will irregularly exam whether workers in the producing area is in uniform Therefore, all staff actively turn it into action.

Unified Dormitories Layout

Recently, dormitories are being decorated and renovated ner but in order. Dormitories after renovation will be re-planned and divided into parts for settlement. Besides, It will be equipped with cabinets, movable tea tables and shoe cabinets, and shelf for water buckets in the balcony, making active efforts to standardize dormitory management and improve living conditions of workers.

Connecting Bridge

On April 8th, the second-floor connecting bridge to communicate two workshops of dyeing factory was accomplished. It was constructed in the second floor between dyeing workshop and printing workshop, getting through the originally closed structure, thus facilitate workers of the two workshops.


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