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China K& B Market: 2009 Understanding of Yourself , 2010 Broader Road
2010-01-12 13:55:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:新浪 Hits:0
Background:  More uncertainty will appear in 2010 in cabinets industry which will have higher degree of brand concentration, more fierce competition, and faster alliance to catch up. Enterprises having just experienced a cold winter will divert from regional brands to national famous ones, standing out among plenty of brands.
On January.10th, 2010, the third China Top100 Kitchen and Bathroom Enterprises awarding ceremony and Kitchen and Bathroom Project Committee annual meeting o f China Construction Adornment Association which was also the sponsor was held successfully in Shaoxing Jianhu Grand Hotel undertaken by China Property Association, Zhejiang Construction and Adornment Association, Fenghua Jiangkou Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories Association, Shengzhou Kitchen Utensils Industry Association.
In China’s new round economic development, East China catch the eyeball of the country or the world due to its dramatic consuming demands, fast growing economic speed, as well as the large kitchen and bathroom accessories industrial cluster. The summit meeting was therefore discussed under the theme of“focus on East China to promote the coherent development of industry chain”. In order to make the whole dialogue with extensive marketability and authority, we plan to interview major brands manufactures from cabinets industry for opinions.

Journalist: Hello, Mr. Ni. Nice to meet you in Zhejiang. We all know that China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market has been a base integrating producing with sales globally by now. So what was your initial purpose to construct this platform?

 Mr. Ni: Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry is No.1 in the world in terms of output and quality after decades of development. China is the largest kitchen and bathroom producer as well as the largest consumer and largest exporter. But we still lack of a first-level wholesale market, a platform which is in desperate need to the development of this industry.

Journalist: What’s the situation of attracting investment in China K&B Market?

 Mr. Ni: Our project can now be divided into four phases. So investment attracting work of the first starting area has been completed, and the starting area has set up business by December17th, 2009. While construction work of the first phase will be completed in July, and its investment attracting activity will be done this year.
 Journalist: It seems to be promising by now. So what’s the long-term plan and objective of China K&B Market?
 Mr. Ni: First our mode is original in China. Our terminal goal is to construct a global kitchen and bathroom industry base, a service center of high value-added China kitchen and bathroom industry.
 Journalist: Confronted with financial crisis of 2009, what do you think of its influence to China kitchen and bathroom industry?
 Mr. Ni I consider financial crisis to be beneficial to China kitchen and bathroom industry for it brings opportunity as well as challenges which helps us recognize ourselves more clearly, thus making a progress in developing our industry.
Journalist: As a senior in this industry, how do you consider the significance of the upcoming 2010 to China cabinets industry?
Mr. Ni: Simply it’s a derivation of real estate industry, therefore, the development of cabinets industry depends on the trend of the latter one. Personally, I feel optimistic to 2010 real estate industry as a whole. Since the big environment is comfortable, cabinet industry would have a good development.
 Journalist: We are lucky to gather here. What’s your opinion towards the significance of top100 prize to cabinet industry
Mr. Ni: China cabinets industry must follow the path of brands. We find that cabinets develop fast in recent years. For example, Opald, Kebao enlarge their brands by several stages. When it comes to the so-called 50 million, 100million, 200 million phenomena, I believe that those industrial brands entitled Top 100 Kitchen and Bathroom break bottlenecks, which help them broaden their ways. Therefore, I think cabinet industry should go branding. Thats where the significance of top 100 lies, and where its influence to the industrial development lies.

Journalist: Personally, how did you contact kitchen and bathroom industry at first?

Mr. Ni: I switched to this industry without being trained. I am engaged in real estate at first. When it comes to commercial property, we have to type of operation and kind of business. During the process of market research and analysis, we find kitchen and bathroom industry has reached a large scale. However, its still a blue ocean in traditional industry. An occasional chance helped me have an understanding to this field. After research, I entered this industry for sure.

Mr. Ni: Thank you.

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