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Media reports
China K & B Market is well geared to international standards
2009-12-22 16:04:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom: Hits:0
China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market, which has a construction area of 200,000 square meters, is composed by a starting area, 3 phases exhibition center, two 21-floor commercial office building and a 13-floor four star business hotel. The market is elegant in style with modern grandness, which is completely geared to international standards, thus promoting the consuming level of consumers. The first phase starting area which has been opened is furnished with five lighting skylight to make the market bright, central air conditioning to construct comfortable purchasing environment, and  XIZI OTIS sightseeing lift and elevator to facilitate consumers. It is said that China K&B Market set up products testing and certificate authority made up by China Construction Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Construction and Adornment Association and China Hardware Appliances Association to provide product testing and certificate authorizing service, for the benefits of consumers, thus making them assured, satisfied and relieved.

Supported by strong kitchen and bathroom industry in Yangtze Delta, and integrating resources from Zhujiang and Bohai Economic Rim,Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry is led to the big circle of world economy, change the market mode, thus becoming a global purchasing base for kitchen and bathroom products. Its outstanding and unique advantages in products, prices and service must attract various retail customers to purchase here. It is said that during its starting business, China K&B Market will hold promotion unifying with all commercial tenants in the market, by surrendering part of the profits. Creating benefits for consumers will help lead the economy by popularity, make the businesses prosperous, thus enabling  us to find new way and new space for Chinese kitchen consuming.

China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market, which is positioning in constructing a global products purchasing base held a grand opening ceremony in December 17th, 2009. Since then, retail customers from Shaoxing and Hangzhou gather here in an endless stream. How can this wholesale market draw the attention of customers 20 kilometers beyond radiation areas? We were confused with its strong radiation, with which I visited China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market located in No.51 Meilin Road, Kebei, Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

Price Advantage: Low Price Threshold to Admit to Business

A young group of retail consumers is the major purchasing force of China K&B Market. An advertisement outside the market is “to enjoy wholesale price in China K&B”. Such low price mating strategy obvious draws back its gap with medium and high end retail markets like New Era, Red Star Micro in Hangzhou.
As is introduced by marketing manager Shao Xinghua, China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market aims to draw attention of consumers and promote sales by providing as low price as possible. However low price doesn’t mean inferior quality as business tenants here directly set business so that the consumption value produced in marketing is completely ignored. That’s also where the advantage over other Chinese home furnishing markets lies. Most house decorations go on with the premise of economic, cheap, comfortable but nice. Their consuming motivation provides best customer basis for low price business marketing. From the perspective of consuming demand, rather than pursuing large profits of enterprises break the fixed formula“Only Money” of conventional kitchen and bathroom market.

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