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Largest Global Specialized Kitchen and Bathroom Market Set Sail on December 16th
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First Phase Starting Area of China K&B Market, Hundreds of Distributors Gather in Shaoxing
Supported by strong kitchen and bathroom industry in Yangtze Delta, and positioning in constructing a global purchasing base for kitchen and bathroom products, China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market will open business grandly on December 16th when Zhong Jie Website, will uniting with China K&B Market, and witness the setting sailing of this global s the first web portals of China Kitchen and Bathroom Industry specialized kitchen and bathroom aircraft carrier together with hundreds of distributors invited.

Located in Shaoxing, China K&B Market, covering 72,000 square meters of land and 200,000 square meters of building area, costing the total investment of RMB800 million, is composed by a starting area, three exhibition centers, two 21-floor commercial office building and a 13-floor four star commercial hotel as planned. The first phase which covers 70,000 square meters is made up of a 4-floor shopping mall as the major part, furnished with 21-story commercial office buildings and a 13-story four star hotel.

As is introduced by marketing director Shao Xinghua, Yangtze Delta Region gain world fame as town of shower houses, town of sanitary wares, and town of kitchen and capital of kitchen appliances. Thousands of kitchen and sanitary ware producing enterprises forming a large industrial cluster here, occupying over 40 percent market share of kitchen and bathroom industry, have been exported to more than 100 nations and regions in Europe and America, Middle Asia, Middle East. Purpose to push forward the project of China K&B Market is to rely on the support of strong kitchen and bathroom industry in Yangtze Delta, integrate resources from Zhujiang and Bohai Economic Rim,lead Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry to the big circle of world economy, thus changing the market mode.

Located 50 meters away from Hangzhou-Ninbo Highway Keqiao Exit, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market is the core region of Chinas densest expressway network- Yangtz Delta expressway, and the heart of kitchen and bath ware manufactures cluster with advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. As the first global kitchen and bathroom specialized market, it will fill the market gap.

The 4-floor shopping mall of first phase is planned to be famous brands on the first floor, sanitary wares on the second, kitchen wares on the third and accessories on the fourth. About 50 business stores can be set at each floor. There are altogether over200 stores, each occupying 100 to 500 square meters which is changeable according to the demands of enterprises. Apart from dealing with kitchen and bathroom, such as ceramic sanitary wares, shower cabinets and shower rooms involved in sanitary wares, integrating kitchen, integrating cabinets, kitchen electric appliances, water channels and table-boards augmented products can also be found here.

It is said that the starting area has been accomplished and is now under decoration, and investment attracting work has come to an end, so the opening ceremony is planned to hold on December 16th. Zhong Jie, as the first web portals of China kitchen and sanitary industry, planner of this activity and medium supporter, undertake the overall planning and distributors inviting work. More than 200 distributors from all over the nation will participate in this opening ceremony which will be reported by Yangtze Night Paper, Nanjiang HOUSE 365 and other six powerful media. All parties as well as those guests from kitchen and bathroom industry will witness the setting sail of largest global kitchen and bathroom market.

To facilitate distributors to pay a visit for inspection, China K&B Market, as well as Zhong Jie Website hosted tourism inspection named “China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market, Shaoxing”during the opening ceremony. Distributors will have easy access to all-around inspection and relax themselves by visiting An Chang Ancient Town, one of China’s ten ancient towns for free. Besides, as is introduced by the principal of China K&B Market, they largely promote the whole project by hosting fairs, activities, and through media and websites to let more distributors, purchasers, and agencies have a knowledge of it, providing a channel constructing platform for business tenants.


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