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China K&B Market: Constructing the Largest Global Kitchen-Bath Purchasing Base
2009-09-16 09:29:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:搜狐 Hits:0


Sales Director of China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market: Shao Xinghua

On September 16th, 09 China International Cabinets, Kitchen and Sanitary Wares and Technology Expo(CIKB’09) unveil the curtain in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. In order to guide enterprises in technology innovation, the fair hostnew products showand a variety of wonderful activities. As a specially invited medium, Focus House Furnishing Website of Sohu delivered live reports and interviewed enterprises from the site.

Host: Glad to interview you, Mr. Shao. Please brief introduce China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market first.

Shao Xinghua: We wish to establish a platform for purchasing and communication. Besides, We plan to construct a domestic public purchasing base about which we will cooperate with China Adornment Association, mainly with large real estate businessmen, kitchen and bathroom manufactures. Activities will be held twice a year. This part mainly serves customers set business in our market. Why do we pay attention to public purchasing? As houses tend to be decorated as boutique rooms, most properties start from bachelordom or economy residence.

Host: Where is China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market?

Shao Xinghua: China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market, located in the Keqiao exit of Shanghai- Hangzhou expressway, occupying 108 mu of land, 200,000 square meters after accomplishment, mainly deals with kitchen and sanitary wares, such as ceramic sanitary wares, shower cabinets and shower rooms involved in sanitary wares, integrating kitchen, integrating cabinets, kitchen electric appliances, water channels and table-boards. Augmented products can also be found here. We can become the largest global kitchen and bathroom products producing base. In fact, several building materials take up large size which extend as large as 300,000, or 400,000 square meters. Since there are specific sections, such as furniture, materials, decoration lighting, little space can be left for kitchen and bathroom. But we spare 200,000 square meters for it. Besides, we promote dramatically by hosting fairs, activities, and through media and websites, letting more distributors, purchasers and agencies have a knowledge of us  and providing a channel construction platform for them.

Host: What degree does China Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Market?

Shao Xinghua: Our first starting area has been completed. This is a previous planning. You see, this is our starting area, which has been built and is now under decoration. Our investment attracting work reaches the end. We are now planning with the fourth story, an underground parking lot, a 21-story office building above it. This would be a 13-floor four star hotel. There are some mating facilities here which provide accommodation and catering center. Besides, we plan to construct a 4-story building. 25 elevators will be furnished so that stereoscopic transportation is no problem. Here is some brief introduction, you can have a look at it.

Host: What do you think is the developing trend of kitchen and bathroom industry?

Shao Xinghua: Ive just mentioned the public purchasing market. Though it now takes up a little proportion, perhaps less than 5 percent, its future potential and space is quite large. Its clear that enterprises pay attention to prospective of the industry.

Besides, the industry will be more normalized. But now it reaches bottleneck. For example, we all know that there are domestic brands, but little excellent ones among them. Why does this problem arise? It is because of the lack of standards. Standards exist in real estate previously and now, but they are not well enforced. Thats the bottleneck. To tackle this problem, we promote the carrying out of standards with parties concerned. On the other hand, cooperating with a number of enterprises, we provide some training, for they also lack of construction operators which can be trained by us. For instance, China Decoration Adornment is also working on standardization of kitchen and bathroom industry. At the end of this year, we plan to organize a forum targeted with kitchen electronic appliances mating so that we are now colleting information to integrate standards of electronic appliances with that of cabinets. Electronic appliances still rely on conventional channels like electronic market, and businessmen. Connections exist between electronic appliances and cabinets; however they belong to two industries. Dealing with cabinets is more demanding in service. It calls for server with high quality, which is quite different from dealing with electronic appliances. The product is everything. Therefore its difficult for enterprises without long preparation and good periodic work.

Host: What do you think this exhibition differ form others?

Shao Xinghua: Difference existing among fairs is normal, for their unique style. This fair covers hard wares, kitchen electronic appliances and sanitary wares. There are not many hard wares, for hard ware doesnt always belong to kitchen and bathroom products apart from electronic machines and shower caddies.

Host: What do you gain from this fair?

Shao Xinghua: Through this fair, which is related to kitchen and bathroom industry, we do some promotion. The purpose of attending this fair is to promote ourselves in the industry. We wish to have more chances to cooperate in Shanghai, or in Shanghai fairs. For example, a break-out room is set in China K&B Market to connect with it. Besides, Shanghai is an international metropolis that will enable our project to have a larger and more international showing and promotion platform.


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