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Media reports
Textile Enterprise Presents a Gift to Rainbow Village
2009-09-10 09:30:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:绍兴县报 Hits:0


Strive 20 days to present a gift for National Day, a banner hang in Shaoxing Knitting and Textile Co.,Ltd which is located in Binhai. One week ago, Rainbow Village received an order form Beijing, which said 150,000 costumes for volunteers serving in Tian An Men Square should be delivered in half a month.

Reporters see form the manufacturing shop that parts of the T-shirts have been made with blue setting, white collar, a red sign of the 60th anniversary on the shoulder, and written characters of Beijing Volunteer Unionon the bosom. Little Yuan, a salesman, looked up to the reporter after examining the effect of garment, and said, we are proud of making garments for large national celebration activities. We are very exciting these days.


Employees of Rainbow Village are busy working with anniversary costumes for the 60th anniversary of National Day

Rainbow Village is in possessing of industrial chain from grey cloth, printing and dyeing to beautifying of garments. Every procedure cooperates well from fabrics to garments, going on without stop. It is a heavy task that calls for urgent time to complete 150,000 garments in 20 days. To ensure high quality products in shortest time, the company immediately held a planning meeting as soon as the order was set. Tasks were divided as follows . All grey cloth were required to be completed before the 12oclock on December 8th, printing and dyeing done before 5pm on 11th and garment completed before 5pm on 21st.


By the night of September 9th, the first batch of one thousand T-shirts have been made successfully.


This batch of knitting textile T-shirts are superior in fabrics quality as well as garment craft .said principals of Rainbow Village. In order to ensure the comfortableness, they choose high quality venting and elastic combed cotton ammonia cloth for fabrics and then deal with the fabrics with special craft to make it have a nice touching and lustrous



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