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Exclusive Interview: Rainbow Village Printing&Dyeing Co. Ma Jianxing
2009-01-06 14:11:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:China Textile Paper Hits:0
Rainbow Stand Still Because of Responsibility

From one of the four flower kings of ChinaLightTextileCity previously to Zhoujing, the design director, being crowned as 14th China Top Fashion Designer as the first Shaoxingese in Novermber last year, chairman of Zhejiang Rainbow Village Printing& Dyeing Co.,Ltd, Shaoxing knitting textile Co.,Ltd have made great achievements in textile industry of Shaoxing catching eyeballs.

However, two thirds of the interview focused on the topic of where the responsibility and mission of an entrepreneur lies.

What are the qualifications needed to be an entrepreneur

In the latter half of 2008, Shaoxing where success and failure gathered was always in the spotlight to media or the public. The key problem of the interview was how those entrepreneurs at the eye of hurricanes could go through this cold winter.

What are the qualifications needed to be an entrepreneurMa Jianxing raised the question and gave his answer at the same time, markets and products. How to control the scale of an enterprise and grasp the degree of development was of great importance when ethics of professional manager needs to be improved further, and when outside investment faces the danger of running out of control.

Ma Jianxing admitted that, now from the perspective of the whole light textile industry in ShaoxingCounty, enterprises were under great pressure, while enterprises who had already prepared seemed to be more confident. In five yearstime, Rainbow Village increased shares in domestic market and kept self-promotion by efforts in foreign market, thus creating an operation mode dealing with weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, designing, garments, channels, investment and multi-branding. Meanwhile, it attaches great importance to maintaining high-end customers.

Responsibility of an entrepreneur lies not in earning money, but gaining recognition for China fashion force by foreign consumers.

Although primary business of RainbowVillage gathers in the upstream of textile industry, Ma Jianxing has a keen insight into the operation mode of downstream garment enterprise. Fast Fashion idea and modern enterprise operating methods in international garment giants including ZARA and H&M has great appeal to him which were often introduced by him to developing and manage staff.

Lack of status of China textiles in international high-end market, as well as Shaoxing textiles in domestic high-end market is haunting in the mind of Ma Jianxing and people in industry.

As an entrepreneur, his responsibility lay not in earning money, but gaining recognition for China fashion force by foreign consumers. When capital was accumulating to certain amount, entrepreneurs will open up channels of their own brands in European and American market relying on capital. After being familiar with domestic market, taking the chance of overseas merger to establish terminal path successfully in overseas market before rushing back to domestic market became a new criterion of measuring the success of international operation. Ma Jianxing told the journalist his opinion towards entrepreneur responsibility.

Not Only Pursue Orders Today, But Also Pay Attention to Potential Cooperation Tomorrow

70 percent of textile fabrics are exported directly or indirectly to European and American Market now. Ma Jianxing said he woundnt do business with customers having no demands, which meant low quality. In the last two years, Rainbow Village didnt expand its industrial scale, but upgrade the brand by promoting products quality and strengthen inside management. European and American customers being fastidious with textiles quality forced the enterprise to keep innovation, using new technology, new equipment to make products similar with international high quality ones, thus getting rid of low quality competition, and turning to high-end field.

Seen from the sales now, it seems to be right to learn from domestic fabrics and garment leading enterprises, striving to develop knitted fashion fabrics of chopped fiber.Ma Jianxing explained, this kind of fabric has a strong adaptation, possessing uniqueness in one point and leading the whole company to perfection of face.

As the chairman, he spent most time supervising different manufacture procedures of each factory and workshop. Confronted with storm, being an expert boss seems to be more steady than being an venturer.

What I focus is not simply garment processing and manufacturing, but the combination of fabrics development with garments.

Since the beginning of 2008, government of ShaoxingCounty put forward the idea of Keqiao establishing to be Textile Creative Industry Base on the basis of establishing International Textile Capital, Modern Business and TradeCity. Relying on its own design team, ranging producing fabrics to creating ladiesgarment became an important strategy to march into garment field. Design director Zhou Jings award in China International Fashion Week brought a referential operation mode to most confusing Shaoxing enterprises.

It is easy for us to conclude from famous brands shows in four largest International Fashion Week that fabrics is playing an increasingly important role in shaping fashion dresses. Accession trial to downstream industry doesnt mean our stepping into simple garment processing. On the contrary, what I attach importance to is the intimate combination of fabrics development and garment design after the cohesion of upstream and downstream.Ma Jianxing revealed his true thought.

Actually, Ma Jianxing began the garment trial years ago. As a shareholder of international garment brand with equity share rather than takeovers, we must conclude some rules of branding operation by observing with a calmer and closer way in international brands operation with a calmer. stated Ma Jianxing.
It is known that RainbowVillage admits a batch of college students of the Arts to do practice each year. “There is a gap between education and markets. Lack of knowledge of fabrics has been the weaknesses of many college graduates at present. Company dispatches specially-assigned workers to arrange them to practice in each procedure including printing and dyeing, weaving and processing without asking for any reward. We hope they can adapt to market demands after taking an occupation”. Again, he concluded it to social responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

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