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Media reports
Black Horse of Garment Circle, Casual Style of IN’Q
2008-11-28 17:22:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:中华工商时报 Hits:0


As one of the black horses of 2009 China International Fashion Dress Week spring and summer series presentation, Zhou Jin, in together with her design with team workers, IN’Q brand series garments appeared in stage in Beijing D.PARK Fashion Design Square, bringing a different taste of fashion.

The theme of presentation, Yin is named as the Chinese homophonic of IN’Q and the implied meaning of law of nature,“cause and effect,that is to say, everything has a cause or reason, which is diverted into language and environment of garment fashion, better explaining the combination of diversified art and fashion.


In the presentation meeting, the most outstanding characteristic of IN’Q is a sense of sternness and simplicity as building structures, among which designers show comfortableness and casualness. Attaching Importance to details makes each garment have a lot to express. Meanwhile, works at the presentation let us deeply feel that, garment aesthetics in eastern world is constructed over simple lines and colors, pursuing aesthetics and exploring fashion relaxingly and sternly. It’s a concise, modern and perfect expression of individuality and uniqueness of eastern culture.


From these works, we realize the casualness, exquisiteness, and fun of IN’Q brand style, among which casualness is an attitude and idea, exquisiteness is the combination of dedication and completion in details, the art of matching, and fun is the unnoticeable moment released in elaborate creation, bring more inspiration and fun to consumers.


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