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Rainbow Village Printing&Dyeing Exports 70 Percent products to developed nations
2008-08-20 10:17:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:绍兴县报 Hits:0
From January to Jane this year, the company have earned $16.074 million of export sales, a comparative growth rate of 92 percent. Products are mainly exported to European and American markets.With statistics in hand, said Hu Guangrong, chief manager of Zhejiang Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd, This excellent performance results from the path our company keeps to focus on high-end market.

Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd, stretching from trade, has gained fame in the industry. In recent years, it treats opening European and American markets as major tasks, actively develops three high products, namely high quality, high additional value and high market share to win wide developing space. However in the past, lingering about medium and low end markets for low price sales, Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing Company was not only busy with earning money, but also was heavily burdened with enormous pressure from environment and resources.

Several years ago, Rain bow Village Printing and Dyeing Company transferred from trade to industry. Decision makers in the company actively changed growth patterns of foreign trade from low and medium end markets to medium and high end market by independent innovation to gain more initiative and rights to speak. Now 70 percent of all cotton knitted products have been exported to developed nations and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and Korea, with another 30 percent to famous brands garment companies including Etam of Shanghai, G2000 of Hong Kong, Yingger, Romon, Bellvilles.

A series of structure changes lie behind the transformation of Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing Company. Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing invested enormous amount of capital to purchase the most advanced dyeing and printing machines in the world to improve the stability and advance of products. Besides, they organize a powerful research and developing team so that nearly one hundred designs have design patents per year by widely developing new technology and new craft. For example, they test reduction, painting, activity and acidity embossing printing in one cloth. Relying on a number of new products of high additional values, Rainbow Village speeds up to focus on medium and high end markets with whole heart.
Adjusting target market is a difficult process.said Hu Guanrong. Although low and medium market had a narrow margin of profit, but the customer resources accumulating in 10 years is not well prepared when transferred to medium and high markets. Rainbow Village Printing took the strategy of advancing and retreating gradually. On the one hand, it gradually got rid of low and medium markets to reduce market risk; on the other hand, it sped up to broaden medium and high end markets by participating in various international fairs, grasping popular trends of colors, adapting to products ahead and catching eyeballs of European and American customers. It takes as long as two to three years to transform the pattern before Rainbow Village Company finally keep its feet in medium and high end European and American markets.
To tack difficulty which foreign trade is now confronted with, the secret is to practice internal work hard. The enterprise must be confident enough to make foreign trade strong and big. Only by active responding , keeping innovation, upgrading high end markets can we grasp the right to speak in market prices. said Hu Guanrong.

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