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Rainbow Village: Foothold in Market, Fashion Leader
2008-03-05 10:06:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:每日商报 Hits:0

When it comes to Rainbow Village, it is known to everyone in China Light Textile City. This trade company specialized in knitting, printing and dyeing is the symbol of healthy development of China Light Textile City.

Though Rainbow Village had gained fame in China Light Textile City, chairman Ma Jianxing never took pride in it. He even gave up regular customers, retreated to conventional trade area to do producing and market, pursuing his life goal. But isnt it difficult to make a fresh start?

After the change of roles, Ma Jianxing still walked on the way of Development First and Survival Second, started to create brand and struggled for intellectual property rights, which helps it take initiative and price take its role. Preoccupations of modern enterprises are facilities, talents, management, marketing, research and development and brands. Some people pay attention to facilities one-sidely while Ma Jianxing insists that talents come first.

Ma Jianxing focuses on cultivating talents. Since becoming the factory head, he had employed a batch of excellent technology developers and producing operators. For over two years, it has invented morethan 100 new products, becoming candidates of China Popular Fabrics for 16 times in a row, winning National Contribution Award for Textile Products Development 3 times, and China Popular Brand and Bank AAA Enterprise.

Marketing is a key link of enterprise. Ma Jianxing attached great importance to marketing by changing marketing strategies further to seek wider space as well as improving quality of workers.

The ultimate goal of Rainbow Village is to reach European products standards, to own developing ability of intellectual property rights, gear to Europe fashion, to walk on the way of characteristics, emotionally idea, to keep a foothold in market and lead fashion trend.

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