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Rainbow Village Became One of China Popular Fabrics Project Cooperation Colleges
2007-07-25 12:25:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom: Hits:0




Having developed for seven years, China Popular Fabrics Project has gained great influence and charisma in China textile industry. In order to widen the cooperation and communication of colleges, China Textile Information Center, National Textile Products Development Center, together with Zhejiang Rainbow Village Co.,Ltd –National Textile Products Developing Center Fashion Fabrics Printing Products Development Base—invited leaders and experts from ten well-known colleges with  textile and garments design majors including Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, Donghua University, Dalian Light Industry College, Textile and Garment Institute of Guangzhou University, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Suzhou University, Tianjing Polytechnic University, Xian Polytechnic University, Zhejiang University of Science and Engineering to gather in Shaoxing to attend China Popular Fabrics Project College Exchange Meeting to communicate and discuss further about China Popular Fabrics Project, its industrial resources, and deep and wide cooperation with colleges.

Chairman Ma Jianxing said at the meeting, as a creative enterprise in the industry, Rainbow Village will actively provide enterprise resources in cultivating excellent domestic designers. As the national textile products developing center fashion fabrics printing development base, it became candidates of China Popular Fabrics 15 times in a row by constantly innovation and enterprise. Due to desperate need of outstanding fabrics and flower types designers, the wide gap of designing ideas, professional knowledge as well as occupational stability between designers at home and abroad, the enterprise had to employ French, Italian, Korean designers, which was a real pity. Mr. Ma signified that colleges should not only help students lay a solid foundation on basic knowledge, but also create work atmosphere by designing fabrics together with institutions of this industry, thus making them have an access to design which is paid great attention to in textile developed nations, have a sense of identification and honor, and providing reserve human force for China textile industry in the international work. He also declared that Rainbow Village was willing to take this historical mission to support talents cultivating by providing practice, market information and experience.

College leaders attending the meeting showed their agreement on the cooperation plan with China Popular Fabrics Project, and expressed their obvious intention. They said that, schools play an important role in undertaking talents development, technology innovation and society service. Connection between schools and the industry can not only strengthen practice cooperation to cultivate talents meet the needs of society, but also take enterprise as part of education resources and combine it with professional knowledge system revolution and subjects setting.


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