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Chairman of Board: Enterprises Calls for Responsibility
2007-07-17 12:29:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:Shaoxing County Paper Hits:0



Chairman Ma Jianxing, Zhejiang Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd


Ma Jianxing, one of the four flower kings of China Light Textile City, stretched business from trade at the beginning of 1990s. He gradually enlarged his business by merely fabrics sales to manufacturing integrated with trade. Now there are two industrial parks, Binhai and Kebei, where he set companies there such as Rainbow Knitting and Textile Co.,Ltd, Rainbow Village printing and dyeing Co., Ltd, and Rainbow Garment Co., Ltd.

Rainbow Village, famous for diversified variety and high grade fabrics, stepped to developing and producing at the height of trade, which results from a stimulation from an incident.


On a fair of 1997, Ma Jianxing brought a batch of popular fabrics to attend the exhibition and drew attention of many customers, among which one of them showed great interest. Before he decided to make an order, he asked casually where the fabric was from. As soon as Ma Jianxing answered Shaoxing, the customer suddenly changed his countenance and go away without the fabric. This made Ma Jianxing set up his mind to construct high quality fabrics which leading the trend in Shaoxing. He believed he can be able to undertake this task.

Now 70 percent products are exported to European and American market directly or indirectly. He said he has request towards his customers. That is to day he doesnt transact with customers without request which means they want inferior products. European and American customers raise a lot of requests, which enable him to keep innovative research and developing through new technology and equipments, make products gear to international high quality fabrics, get rid of low level competition and transfer to high end fields.  

Therefore, Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing invested enormous amount of capital to purchase the most advanced dyeing and printing machines in the world. It invested more than one million yuan to build a water-softening facility for the improving of printing and dyeing quality. Auxiliaries, dyestuffs and pigments are also of high quality and costs almost ten times higher than ordinary enterprises. It keeps innovation by testing reduction, painting, activity and acidity embossing printing in one cloth, making its craft lead in the nation.

Apart from input of hardware, Rainbow Village attaches great importance to original design and choosing materials. It mainly deal with high grade fashionable knitting and textile fabrics for European and American markets made of new fiber materials such as rayon, modal, tencel. Rainbow Village also employs foreign designers for flower types design so that the process from scripts to end products can be original and advanced. Now,  European customers including TARGETC0HAMILT, C&A, and national famous brands garments companies such as Etam of Shanghai, G2000 of Hongkong, YINGGER, ROMON, BELLVILLES are all loyal customers of Rainbow Village.

Due to its constant developing of new technology and products, keeping improving quality, its fabrics has been admitted to be China Popular fabrics four times in a row, honored with Contribution Prize to National Textiles with itself listed as National Printing and Dyeing Products Developing Base.



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