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Interview of Ma Jianxing, Flower King of Rainbow Village
2006-07-03 10:28:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:纺织服装周刊 Hits:0



                                                   Chairman of Rainbow Village, Ma Jianxing  


Insiders are familiar with Rainbow Village Clothing and Ma Jianxing, the head. Founded in 1992, Rainbow Village Clothing, originally a business and trade enterprise, is located in the most prosperous intersection of Shaoxing Light Textile City which is the only path for customers all around the country. Starting business here and developing from small size to large size, Ma Jianxing finally became one of the four flower kings of China Light Textile City thanks to the diverse species, large scales, and high-end fabrics, playing a leading role in fabrics industry.
However, Ma Jianxing chose to turn around at the peak of his course, transforming from fabrics distribution to development and production. Time flies. Years later when I met Ma Jianxing, the flower king, at a product presentation annual meeting held by cotton textile, color weaving, printing and dyeing industry in Shaoxing, we begin f our topic with transformation of Rainbow Village.
Transformation of Flower King
Textile and Apparel Weekly: Mr. Ma. Nice to meet you. Long time no see. Tell me something about changes in Rainbow Village in recent years. Why do you choose to transform. Whats the difference of Rainbow Village after transformation and flower king previously essentially.
Ma Jianxing: As is known to all, Rainbow Village has distributing fabrics for 10 years and transformed from establishing factories since 2002 to a new enterprise integrating science, industry and trade at present which is located in Binhai and Kebei two industrial park of Shaoxing possessing Rainbow Village Knitting & Textiles Co., Ltd, Rainbow Village Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd and Rainbow Garment Co., Ltd, with an area of 3000 mu and total investment of 250million. Furnished with advanced world-class facilities from Germany, Italy, Korea and Taiwan China, it now follows the pattern of one-station production and marketing from fabrics weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing and garments. We are now able to weave 15 tons per day, print and dye 20 to 30 tons a day, and print 600,000 to 100,000 meters a day. We mainly specialized in knitted fabrics, especially the development of ladies knitted printing and men T-shirt fabrics. Besides, parts of tatting products are maintained to satisfy the demands of regular and domestic high-end customer in the past.
Transforming from a distributor to an enterprise boss is a change. In fact, Rainbow Village also switches from domestic sales to export, with 70 percent products directly or indirectly exported to European and American market. In the past, we focused on sales in domestic market, had made some achievements. Our products have been candidates for China Popular Fabrics, and won Contribution Award to Develop National Textiles. Besides, the enterprise becomes National Printing & Dyeing Products Developing Base, and China Famous Brand. But I believe in Shaoxing fabrics market, we are under great pressure from low-price and nonstandard competition rather than high-tech and high standard, which force us to go out so as to conform with international practice in technology development and management ideas.
Fashions Like Rainbow
Textile and Apparel Weekly: Rainbow Village seems to be quite different now. What is the positioning of Rainbow Village today?
Ma Jianxing: Management idea is the most important factor in establishing an outstanding enterprise. I have worked on fabrics in Shaoxing Textile City for a decade. What troubles me most is homogenized competition in costs, prices, and copies each other. Therefore, my positioning towards Rainbow Village is pursuing fine production, elegant taste and fashion rather than caring about its scale.
Textile and Apparel Weekly: Confronted with fierce competition and constantly changing market, how can you achieve your goal?
Ma Jianxing: This question is actually the deep root of our transformation. I decided to throw all my accumulation and painstaking efforts to build factories after repeated thinking and demonstration by attending exhibitions from textile garment market to producers, from domestic to foreign enterprises specializing in cotton spinning, wool spinning, knitting, printing and dyeing. I must start from fashion to explain why I finally set up my mind to do entity business.
What is fashion? How to produce fabrics and garments that lead fashion? I know from experience in running Rainbow Village fabrics and information by investigation that there are two kinds of fashion. One is elaborately working on each product by technology innovation in factories, started from developing grey cloth, use of various new products, flower type designs, and study of printing and dyeing, printing process. Another kind is some fancy stuff so-called fashion whose show is more advanced and fancier than foreign ones but never has its own characteristics and style due to follow suit. That is a kind of fickleness instead of real fashion which should start from quality. In order to achieve sustainable development, Rainbow Village must start with quality for transformation and walk solidly toward the way to second SYB, which will enable customers to have a sense of security in quality, fashion, credit and your products.
Having a Sense of Security
Textile and Apparel Weekly: It must be another new idea of you. What do you mean by a sense of security? What is the specific meaning?
Ma Jianxing: So-called a sense of security means customers feel your products reliable and safe and it can be compose by quality, fashion and reputation.
First we must ensure the reliability of quality, creating a sense of security. Therefore, a large sum of money was cost to bring in world advanced devices. Printing branch factory is furnished with international advanced flat, rotary screen printing machine from Germany, Swiss, Japan, and Italy, advanced computer color separation and network drawing systems, a full set of dyeing and finishing devices, Korean Fengguang fabrics mercerizers. Dyeing & Printing branch factory is equipped with Hongkong Monfongs mould machine,Italian LAFER sanding machines, shrinking machines and computer automatic color matching system. Knitting and textile factory possesses world-class German Mayer & Cie Delo, circular knitting machines including Taiwan single and double knitting jacquards. Garment factory is equipped with the first class computer sewing garment facilities. It even invested more than one billion to construct water softening process equipment so as to improve printing and dyeing quality. High quality assistants, dyes and chemicals which cost ten times higher than average products are also put into use.
Apart from hardware input, design, craft and management innovation is also indispensable. As Rainbow Village deals with high-end fashion knitting fabrics, double mercerized cotton T-shirts, golf garment and fabrics, raw materials must be in high demand. What are widely used are diverse new fiber materials including cotton,R Rayon, Modal, and Tencel. Besides, flower types of printing products were designed by foreign designers employed to handle the process from flower type design to final printing product originally. To keep innovation, workers test more than 10 crafts in one cloth including reduction, painting, activity and acidity embossing printing. Thats where the uniqueness lies.
 Wed rather reduce outputs to ensure first-class quality in management. Enterprises are established to earn money. The problem is how to earn money? F.A.Q With low prices helps you earn money, so are high-end products with high added value. The transformation of Rainbow Village resulted from our decision to turn to high-end field and get rid of low level competition to earn more money enduringly.
By now70 percent of products have been directly and indirectly exported to European and American market, with customers like TARGET COHAMILT and C&A. A lot of domestic famous brands garment companies such as Shanghai Etam, Honkong G2000, YINGGER, ROMON,and BELLVILLES are also faithful customers.Our management objective is to assure and satisfy them.
Establish a Fabrics Supermarket
Textile and Apparel Weekly: We now can conclude that Rainbow has achieved two transformations successfully. We are so glad that we want to have your development strategy of next step.
Ma Jianxing: Failure or success should be tested by the market and evaluated by customers. The next step is what I am always thinking about. I insist that management thought is the key so that we should make sure our growth objective first, as different objectives lead to different results. So where do true management ideas from? For years I understand that you should be familiar with your industry, and have knowledge of all-round information. But thats not enough, there are still things need to be found in related industries. For instance, visiting B & Q several times for adornment inspires me quite a lotand lead to my idea of establishing a knitting fabrics supermarket.
Textile Apparel WeeklyThats a new idea, can you give detailed explanation?
Ma Jianxing: Operators are separated from distributors in todays textile fabrics market. Operators lease stalls while distributors scatter everywhere, among who are thousands of big distributors and distributors of all levels, some deceive customers with inferior quality products and some run away after deal which contributing to customers lack of sense of security. Provided we build a textile fabrics market like B &Q, cant we switch the situation by relying on enterprises with high reputation for unified management. Since it is now located in the intersection of Shaoxing-Hangzhou and Shaoxing-Ningbo Expressway with outstanding geographical advantages, why cant Rainbow Village try it? If we make it, we can set up chain stores throughout the country.
Textile Apparel Weekly: In recent years, textile fabrics market upgrade is growing vigorously. Here you have come up with another upgrade program. We are looking forward to see another B & Q specializing in textile fabrics.
Ma Jianxing: Of course,it is still under study and demonstration. I mean, theres a long way to go. Success depends upon how much knowledge do you have about the market, which determines how long you enterprise can go and how big it can be. Finally, I must say Rainbow Village took the first step from distributing fabrics. It switched to set up factories in order to lay a solid foundation for fabrics. More export helps to push it to international competition. Even its future development is to make more colorful fabrics.
Textile Apparel Weekly: The fundamental thing never change, just as we havent change our product, fabrics. Rainbow Village is still the flower king after transformation. But the narrow meaning of flower king extends to a capital flower king, isnt it?

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