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Media reports
Future of Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing Colorful as Rainbow
2005-12-02 12:59:00 Author:yusx Copyfrom:绍兴县报 Hits:0

Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing invested enormous amount of capital to purchase the most advanced dyeing and printing machines in the world for manufacturing. Ordinary enterprises process cloth by industrial water, while this company invested more than one million yuan to build a water-softening facility for the improving of printing and dyeing quality. Auxiliaries, dyestuffs and pigments are also of high quality and costs almost ten times higher than ordinary enterprises. Besides, they also limit quantity to guarantee the quality. They produce two million meters one month despite of the monthly producing ability can be as much as 2.5million meters. The enterprise keeps innovating producing craft by testing reduction, painting, activity and acidity embossing printing in one cloth so that its craft takes over the lead of the nation. Environment protection is also attached importance to. Enormous measures are taken to reduce pollution. For instance, they limit the use of caustic soda liquid to 40 tons, compared with over 500 tons consumption by enterprises of the same scale. Such activity not only reduces pollution, but also saves producing costs.

The integrated innovation of advanced equipments and crafts broaden its sales market. By now half of products from Rainbow Village Printing and Dyeing Co. have been exported to Europe and America, with another half to famous brands garment companies including Etam of Shanghai, G2000 of Hong Kong, Yingger, Romon, Bellvilles. The additional value can be as high as 30 yuan per meter, three to ten times of ordinary ones. By this means, the enterprise is walking on a developing way of little pollution and high value added.

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